Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Watching Videos Without Interruptions and Saving Power

If your an avid  movie buff you may not like to be interrupted while watching the movie on your laptop, tablet or desktop. Most of the time you end up disabling power managment, IPMPlus enables you to watch your movie without interruptions and continue to save power !!. Follow the instructions below (along with the illustrated screen shots) on how to add your favourite move player to the 'Application Sensor list'. In this example I have chosen VLC media player, the windows executable  is vlc.exe.

From your IPMPlus  Console, select Settings --> Power Scheme -> General.

Set the Application Sensor Policy to Default (or the one you are already using) and Click on Edit Settings

Click on Edit and then Select Add Rule, you will get a pop-up window where you can add the Application Sensor for the VLC Media Player. The rule needs to be enabled, otherwise your Application Sensor will not be applicable. Select the check boxes as shown below and finally click on Save in this window and also the subsequent windows.

Start Saving Power, enjoy your videos.  If you use a different video player than VLC, just find the name of the executable and add the same.


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